The Frozen: Retread’s Bore, er, I Mean The Huntsman: Winter’s War Trailer Is Here


How convenient is it for story purposes that the wicked queen had an outcast sister with ice powers? If she beats this one, I’m guessing they find yet another who’s good with a bow and loves vampires. Meanwhile, the image of Charlize Theron with black slime coming from her mouth only makes me consider a distasteful joke about indecent acts with Danny DeVito’s Penguin.

Chris Hemsworth as an utterly token sex object is funny, however. If indeed he is that, as much as the trailer implies. As fairy tales go, that’s one many consumers can put some faith in. And the bluntness of the text that basically says “from the people who gave you horrible, cynical cash-ins on Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland” is at least honest, possibly more so than the producers imagine.

LET IT BLOW! LET IT BLOW! No originality any more!

Let it blow! Let it blow! Who the fuck’s this movie for?

Here we go, to boring rip-off land…

Yes, the women are leads…but the story still looks so deadly bland.