This Competitive Beard-Grower Wove His Into a Cage on His Head – With Opening Door for Drinking


This guy’s name is Eric Brooks, and he stole the show this past weekend at the National Beard and Moustache Championships, though sadly (and unbelievably) he did not emerge as the champion. However, since Budweiser no longer does those “real men of genius” commercials, we figured we could not let this guy go un-saluted.

So today, we salute you, Mister Opening-Door-Beard-Cage-Wearer. You are the only man (that we know of) in the good ol’ USA to know EXACTLY what being a beer guzzlin’ Tweety Bird feels like. You are that combination of Saw and Duck Dynasty that we never knew could happen. You are a rejected 1966 Batman villain who has finally found acceptance. Have an imaginary beer on us.