New Trailer Twofer: Awful Alice, Awesome Hateful Eight


Tim Burton has left as director, leaving Muppets’ Most Wanted‘s James Bobin in charge, but almost every other annoying character is back, plus Borat, in a movie whose visuals look to be stealing as much from the Oz books this time as anything Lewis Carroll. The first one was massively successful due to a combination of 3D (which was then still relatively novel), Tim Burton weirdness, and a Johnny Depp who hadn’t quite pissed everyone off yet (by the end of the film’s run time, that was remedied). So will audiences fall for this again?

Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino just put out the trailer for his hateful eighth movie, which also happens to be called Hateful Eight. And my only question about it is why, if you’re carrying a prisoner and staying the night in a room full of six other assholes with guns, you would ever, EVER announce that you have something worth $10,000 upfront. I do presume QT has an answer, and that it will come up in semi-long-winded conversation before everyone bleeds to death in some fashion.

(Film geek note: why do I suspect Quentin’s next movie will be a short, PURELY so he can call it 8-1/2?)

Now, if only we could combine the two movies, and Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter could be made to suffer, bleed and get taken away by a hangman, we’d have the best movie ever.