Reason Magazine Presents “Libertarian Star Wars”


I know, I know, you hate me bringing politics into things. It’s not like I told Reason magazine to do this. But they did, and I saw it.

Frankly, I expected it to be as awful as most ham-handed, political point-scoring using cultural touchstones usually is. But to my surprise, it turned out actually amusing, whether or not I agree with every position they’re espousing (I don’t.) Frankly, I think we can ALL agree that Darth Sidious and the Empire trample on Civil Rights. Whether you see the Empire as a stand-in for anything else, on whatever side, is up to you.

For what it’s worth, I remember, during George Bush 41’s first war against Saddam Hussein, how The Empire Strikes Back was aired on TV and billed as the story of a freedom-loving coalition against an evil dictatorship…while George Lucas has always said Palpatine was Nixon. There’s flexibility in the tale.