15 Minutes Of Game – There Is A Miss A Lot Of Leg Crabs

Like the soulfully indelible city of New Orleans, this weeks gaming list is a mashup. A blend of amazing music, incredible art, deep history, and just plain fun. Everyone is posting Halloween themed lists, so i figured i would post a list that makes me thing of the most haunted city. I was down in Nola three times this year. The third time was to pick my car, which had broken down just seventy miles shy of making it to the Crescent City. That’s another story for another time. The city embodies something for everyone looking to fill that missing piece of their soul. This week’s games each have something of their own that they do well. Take an evening mental walk through the french quarter and check out this weeks list of games on the go.

My wedding next June will be New Orleans themed with a cosplay element. If anyone has any advice on where i can find information for making a realistic dragonscale armor set, let me know. Once it’s made, i’ll post pics.


Big Feet – Qing Han – free

Big Feet

Big Feet embodies Bourbon Street. It’s fun and fast paced. You’re avoiding getting stepped on. There’s crabs. Nintendo-era graphics, music, and sound effects give this game a great and simplistic feel. You’re playing as a “lovely little bugs” according to the description. The goal is “there is a miss a lot of leg crabs.” Dart back and forth grabbing coins and power ups. The upgrades didn’t seem to matter much to me, but there was nothing else to do with the gold. The foot shrinking special ability actually made me laugh out loud when it triggered at a fast pace. This game has been in the App Store for quite some time, however it doesn’t seem to have been noticed. I thought this was a lot of fun for a short amount of available playing time.

Lumino City – State Of Play Games – $4.99

Lumino City

Lumino City to me represents the Garden District. The visuals in the game are absolutely stunning to me. Each level was maticulously crafted using paper, cardboard, and other materials before being imported into the game. A handbook made available to you in the beginning of the game has page after page of detailed engineering schematics. Every puzzle is thought out and it teaches you as you go through, and you can save and quit at any time to pick up where you left off. There are a few spots that seemed a little overly sensitive as far as the controls are concerned. The amount of work put into the game is very apparent however and made me want to continue playing. A beautifully crafted game with depth and enjoyment overall, and well worth checking out.

Splitter Critters – RAC7 Games – $2.99 

Splitter Critters

Splitter Critters is like historical centers and museums of the city. Each level makes you think and remember what you did last time. Your goal is to get the cute little alien critters past the dick alien critters. Planning and timing is important here as you swipe to slice through the fabric of space itself and defy physics by sliding the world on one side up or down. The levels are quick and every now and then it gets quite challenging to advance without killing anyone. But it can be done (you listening Iberville?) Split the world like James Mcavoy and have yourself a little fun.

Bendy™ In Nightmare Run – TheMeatly Games, Ltd – free

Bendy Run

Bendy™ Run is reminiscent of The Big Easy’s cemeteries. The tombs inside are towering obstacles and as you proceed, you’ll find yourself looking over your shoulder to see what might be following you. Based on the cartoons of the fictional cartoon studio Joey Drew Studios, play as Bendy™Boris The Wolf, and Alice Angel running from 1930’s style cartoon villains. Gather cans of bacon soup while throwing bricks and hatchets over your should as you try to escape. A win in a round forces the creature to mope and slink back to where it came from. Get caught and you’re eaten by the anthropomorphic, tentacled treasure chest. Try your hand at outrunning the black and white horror show here.

Daddy Long Legs – Set Snail – free

Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs reminds me so much of the beautiful parks. After spending all day walking and exploring, your legs ache so bad you can hardly walk from the cab to the hotel. Have fun in your failings by making terrible progress forward. Tap to step and tap to step again. If it’s not perfectly timed you’ll fall flat or do the splits. My record so far is 25.87 meters. It’s quite a bit harder than it looks and takes a minute to get the feel of. Failing is fun in this game as confetti sprays and a voice bubble pops up allowing you brag about your baby steps. Rest your legs and let your fingers do the work controlling this 2 legged drunkard.


Keep an eye out for a new mini feature where you get to brag about your gear!

That’s it for this week. Have fun playing these games, make it to the weekend and don’t forget to take a little time for yourself.