15 Minutes Of Game – We Gotta Catch Em All, Morty.

This last weekend we were expecting a snow storm. I love the serenity of a snow storm, particularly the muffling effect the snow has on all of the city sounds around you. On the other hand, you then have to clean it all up so the school kids walking past don’t break a hip. I flipped between the weather channel app and games to test while watching movies with my brother, fiancé, and cat. The line of the storm edged closer and closer until it got less than a mile from my house. That’s where it sat for hours. While I waited for the storm that never came, these are the games i had fun playing.


Pocket Mortys – Adult Swim – free

Pocket Mortys

There is a time and a place to be respectful to fellow trainers and be the best you that you can be. That time and place doesn’t exist in Pocket Mortys. If you’ve seen the show or every played the original Game Freak Pokemon games, then you know how this goes. Starting with your one of a kind Morty, you utterly destroy fellow trainers and rival ricks to earn crafting supplies, badges, and more. This game has all of the same great insanity that the show has made us come to love. In the event of passing out from an alien putting a hurting on you, an old friend swoops in to save the day.

10000000 – EightyEight Games Ltd – free


Simpler is better, and the concept here is simple. Match tiles to fight monsters, unlock doors, and gather resources. Your progress is measured by how for into the dungeon you can go without dying. If you find yourself in trouble, try the This gets stressful trying to match the right tiles before you’re pushed off the edge of the screen. Upon waking up in your bed, you can unlock rooms and upgrade your gear to head back out a defeat more monsters. Try to reach a distance of 10,000,000 to win.

Magic Touch: Wizard For Hire – Nitrome – free

Magic Touch

I was surprised by how quickly this became challenging. In Magic Touch: Wizard For Hire, pop bubbles holding your enemies by drawing on the screen to match the design in the bubble. After a few levels the shapes in the bubbles become more difficult to draw. Feeling more comfortable? Well now there are more enemies falling with more balloons to pop. For a game that is challenging, it was very fun to play and easy to pick up and put down.

Shooting Hoops – Frosty Pop Games Inc – free

Shooting Hoops

Basic is good. Fireworks are good. Basketball can be fun. Combine those and you have Shooting Hoops, a game that straps a rocket to a basketball. You get multiple shots to try to get the basketball into the hoop. As the ball spins, your shots need to be timed out to launch it in the proper direction. Each hoop resets your rocket count to try to get the ball into the hoop, which now sits higher. Put balls in holes today.

Tinker Island – Kongregate – free

Tinker Island

This management game is designed simply and keeps you engaged. The management aspect of it is the challenge. You only have so many survivors and you have to choose where to send them and to complete which task. Each survivor has special skills that make them more adept at gathering resources, exploring the map, or building a larger shelter to welcome more survivors. Survive on Tinker Island by overcoming obstacles and fighting back the wildlife.


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That’s it for this week. Have fun playing these games, make it to the weekend and don’t forget to take a little time for yourself.