Amazon F*cks Up Second Wave of Batman: The Animated Series Blu-ray Sets


Looking forward to your Batman: The Animated Series preorder box from Amazon? Well… so were a lot of people.

Last week, fans of the beloved 1992 Batman: The Animated Series TV show eagerly awaited the arrival of promised preorders from Amazon. The comprehensive Blu-ray series collection featured a wealth of remastered visuals and bonus items, including a trio of tiny Funko Pop figurines. Excitement turned to anger when an overwhelming number of boxed sets were delivered damaged. Amazon’s hack job of a pack job was clearly to blame here. Instead of shipping these collector’s items properly, the boxed sets were delivered in simple soft-pack bags. Incensed series fans took to Twitter:

What’s worse, the replacements are being delivered in the EXACT. SAME. WAY. No box, no bubble wrap, just a simple envelope designed to hold T-shirts instead of $100+ collector items.

Need further proof? Here’s the first preorder we received: 


batman tas 1030

This was crammed straight into my mailbox. Nice work.

Here’s the replacement Amazon sent, which arrived only two days later… 

batman tas 1102

…and in noticeably even worse condition. Wonderful.

Still don’t believe me? Want a side-by-side? No problem: 

batman tas both

It’s official: Amazon hates Batman.

Even Mark Hamill, iconic voice of the Joker on Batman: TAS, signal boosted the complaints from pissed off fans:

This is a sad blow for those looking to relive their childhoods with the highly anticipated remastered Blu-ray sets. In the meantime, fans trying to pick up the Batman: The Animated Series box may want to look at other outlets instead.