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Topless Robot Podcast: Episode 9 – Yeet-Haw


Ryan, Tyler, and Brooks talk about Sumo, Roller Derby, terrifying Garfield art, beatboxing flutes, and more!


Greg Pattillo beatboxing on flute

Project Trio Nutcracker

Project Trio’s Peter and the Wolf

Garfield Gameboy’d part 1/5

Garfield Gameboy’d Part 2/5

Garfield Gameboy’d Part 3/5

Garfield Gameboy’d Part 4/5

Poe’s House of Leaves album, Haunted

A description of the WFTDA 2009 championship controversy


About Author

Ryan Schremp is a life-long geek of varying flavors, has previously written for Maximum Ink music magazine, but is most known for voicing characters like James Kroll in the indie game Vaporum, being one of the regular mascots for the ska band Mustard Plug, and for narrating creepy stories on his podcast Creepypodsta.