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Tune Tuesday: Lords of the Trident


Lords of the Trident are an epic power metal band from Madison, WI. No strangers to showmanship, they don the appropriate garb for their characters, make heavy use of props, and even employ pyrotechnics in their stage show.

You may remember me talking about Fang Von Wrathenstein in the Help Desk Tune Tuesday, as his timid alter ego Ty played the boss character in their Boss Level video. 
Fang’s vocal range is kind of ridiculous, which serves their genre well. Just take a listen to their song Complete Control.

I may have helped film that end bit…

Their licks always blazing, their videos always outstanding, Lords of the Trident consistently set themselves apart from other bands in their field. Like this video for Knights of Dragon’s Deep.

Fun fact, our very own Nate Myatt is engaged to that bald sorceress

Not to be ones to take themselves too seriously, though. They did this shot-for-shot recreation of Beyoncé’s Diva.

And this cover of the absolutely ridiculous Chris Dane Owens cover of Shine On Me.

If that all wasn’t enough to drive their nerd cred to the next level, they went so far as to release their latest video exclusively on Sega CD, and we played it.

If all of this lingers in your ears and makes your brain happy, you can find more Lords of the Trident at their website, on YouTube, and on Bandcamp.

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