Cosmic Love: Episode 3 – The All-Seeing Eye

Voices by Katie Self, Brian Donovan, Ryan Schremp, Kate Kloetty, Jacob Ruben, Claire Swora, Amy Thorstenson, and Vincent Burnard.

Theme song by members of Sparklef*ck.

Music by Amy Thorstenson (Zab Zabrony theme, Bach’s Prelude in C and Chopin’s C# Minor Waltz). Additional music includes “Ossuary 4 – Animate,” “Penumbra – Creepy Music,” “Past The Edge,” “Ossuary 2 – Turn,” “Parisian,” and “Reign Supreme” by Kevin MacLeod (

Sound effects from (“robot chat” by harri, “dislocator sci-fi weapon” by JarAxe, “Weird SciFi Noise” by Opticreep, “End Radio Transmission” by ReadeOnly, “early video game-ish fire” by Timbre, “space gun shoot” by afirlam, “struggle between two people” by gpenn76, “heavy impacts” by richerlandtv, “bodyfall” by celticvalkyria, “clothingshirts-and-pants-rustling” by duckduckpony, and “drawers” by sagetyrtle). Additional sounds from (“Door Vault,” “Futuristic Air Compression,” “8bit up” and “Beetle Bug Legs”).