Cosmic Love: Episode 9 – The Docking Bays

Voices by Katie Self, Brian Donovan, Amy Thorstenson, Clayton Snyder, Vincent Burnard, and Ryan Schremp.

Theme song by members of Sparklef*ck.

Music by Kevin MacLeod ( “Split in Synapse,” “Dances and Dames,” “Beach Party,” “Rites,” “Devastation and Revenge,” “Second Coming – no percussion.”

Sound effects from (“end radio transmission” by ReadeOnly, “robot chat” by harri, “high heels walking” by rivernile7, “highheels run” by sturmankin, “walking on wood” by philter137, “space gun shoot” by afirlam, “laser shot” by semagnum, “phone 1952 bakelite looped” by spleencast.) Additional sounds from (“Door Vault,” “8bit up” and “Beetle Bug Legs”).