Cosmic Love: Season 2 Episode 3 – Like A Shiny Piece of Metal Crashing At Dawn

Wherein Nebula Jim offers some helpful advice and our heroes kinda sorta take a hostage.
Written, directed and edited by Amy Thorstenson
Featuring the vocal talents of:

Katie Self as Madam Xandra

Chad Eschman as Chip Chetford-Braddingly

Katie Pelensky as Eddy/Eddie

Sam Manual as Nebula Jim

Jesse Abbott Chin as Drunken Customer

Katie Markovich as Mrs. Blossom AntiMatter Torpedo

Brian Donovan as Hans Frei

Lena Valentine as Ad Voice

Cosmic Love and The Freedom And Family Values Hour theme songs by Casey Bushmaker

Other music from Kevin MacLeod ( Super Cool Power Dude, Winner Winner, Surf Shimmy, Jalandhar, Vadodora, Melodie Victoria, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and Le Grand Chase. Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.

Sound effects from 47626_readeonly_end-radio-transmission, 14259_harri_robot-chat, 389675_meggiepie_closet-door-open-near, 177938_erikh2000_spogey-robot-walk, 398035_swordofkings128_tool-box-sounds-2, 424600_daniela-santos_high-heels_1, 264063_paul368_hatch-seal, 261985_ericlemans_busy-bar-ambient-sound, 367221_elliotmoo_heavy-wooden-door-close-mansion, 249570_rivernile7_sitting-down-on-chair, 245908_ediecz_drawer-open-close-02, 63511_florian-reinke_paper2, Store_Door_Chime-Mike_Koenig-570742973, 27878_inequation_walkietalkie-eot, 50941_qubodup_stupid-falls, 277717_wibwob_jumping-onto-a-hard-floor-with-shoes-and-some-walking-sounds, 327284_studenttanita_small-handcuffs-opening-and-closing, and 360677_djlarson3_duct-tape.