Cosmic Love: Season 2 Episode 4 – One Doug, Not For Eating


Wherein Xandra learns some surprising things about Chip and a terrifying monster makes a reasonable request.

Written, directed and edited by Amy Thorstenson
Featuring the vocal talents of:
Katie Self as Madam Xandra
Chad Eschman as Chip Chetford-Braddingly
Katie Pelensky as Eddy/Eddie
Kimberly Alexander as The Monster in 88-C
Brian Donovan as Dok Bloodnikov
Lena Valentine as Ad Voice
Amy Thorstenson as Ad Voice

Cosmic Love and The Freedom And Family Values Hour theme songs by Casey Bushmaker
Other music from Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com): Vadodora, Le Grand Chase, Supernatural Radio A, Thaxted, River Flute, Penumbra, Reawakening, and Reunited. Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.

Sound effects from freesound.org: 47626_readeonly_end-radio-transmission, 14259_harri_robot-chat, 27878_inequation_walkietalkie-eot, 235774_lex777_woodenfloorfootsteps-boots-02, 458007_fabrizio84_knocking-on-door, 441656_tonycarlisle_squeek-2-seconds, 218890_qubodup_door-smash-1, and 27878_inequation_walkietalkie-eot.

About Author

Ryan Schremp is a life-long geek of varying flavors, has previously written for Maximum Ink music magazine, but is most known for voicing characters like James Kroll in the indie game Vaporum, being one of the regular mascots for the ska band Mustard Plug, and for narrating creepy stories on his podcast Creepypodsta.