Cosmic Love: Season 2 Episode 5 – Dudes Would Be Like Whaaaaaaat

Wherein our heroes attempt a pony heist and we meet Dr. Mort Glortson, Musical Aficionado.
Written, directed and edited by Amy Thorstenson

Featuring the vocal talents of:
Katie Self as Madam Xandra
Chad Eschman as Chip Chetford-Braddingly
Katie Pelensky as Eddy/Eddie
Luke Rampersad as Dr. Mort Glortson
Clinton Roper Elledge as Colonel Rrkarrk
Brian Donovan as Hans Frei
Brooks Wilson as Ad Voice
Katie Markovich as Ad Voice
Tony Werner as Ad Voice

Cosmic Love and The Freedom And Family Values Hour theme songs by Casey Bushmaker

Other music from Kevin MacLeod ( Amazing Plan, Thinking Music, Hidden Agenda, Zazie, and Sardana. Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.

Sound effects from 14259_harri_robot-chat, 27878_inequation_walkietalkie-eot, 47626_readeonly_end-radio-transmission, 98883_noirenex_power-up, 342712_spacejoe_misc-lock-picks, 160215_qubodup_unlocking-door-lock, 431117_inspectorj_door-front-opening-a, 267933_anagar_steps-in-high-heels, 389687_meggiepie_squeaky-wheels, 236939_afirlam_space-gun-shoot, 240665_celticvalkyria_bodyfall, 235761_lex777_pillbottle-pills-open-close-01, 322445_goodlistener_horsewhinny-1, 471903_sheyvan_newspaper-rustling, 463843_filipiwo_opening-the-umbrella, 362959_gastonsaenz_fly-4-horse-steps-01, 347858_alienxxx_close-window, and 417492_thelukasbanana_scratch-crate-on-floor-loop-1.