Cosmic Love: Season 2 Episode 6 – Two Before Ze Breakfast-Wurst

Wherein Madam Xandra is given a very unsexy proposition and has to make a difficult decision.

Written, directed and edited by Amy Thorstenson

Featuring the vocal talents of:

Katie Self as Madam Xandra

Chad Eschman as Chip Chetford-Braddingly

Katie Pelensky as Eddy/Eddie

Brian Donovan as Hans Frei

Luke Rampersad as Mr. Sweet Peaches


Cosmic Love and The Freedom And Family Values Hour theme songs by Casey Bushmaker


Other music from Kevin MacLeod ( Not As It Seems, Scheming Weasel, Tenebrous Brothers Carnival Act One, Arcadia, Danse Macabre, and Sneaky. Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.

Sound effects from 14259_harri_robot-chat, 27878_inequation_walkietalkie-eot, 47626_readeonly_end-radio-transmission, 264063_paul368_hatch-seal, 234774_lex777_woodenfloorfootsteps-boots-02, 422651_trullilulli_sfx-player-action-phone-pick-up, 432313_1tmsounds_dialing-numbers, 39061_genviou_rings, 175620_ondrosik_answer3, Store_Door_Chime_Mike-Koenig-570742973, 458007_fabrizio84_knocking-on-door, 424600_daniela-santos_high-heels, 446110_justinvoke_hatch-door-close, 249570_rivernile7_sitting-down-on-chair, 236939_afirlam_space-gun-shoot, 403713_timbre_synthesized-ringtone-170904, 202106_spookymodem_wood-thud-underfoot, 348242_newagesoup_punch-boxing-03, 367221_elliottmoo_heavy-wooden-door-close-mansion, and 245959_caderesounds_robotic-repair.