10 More Things That Make Hillary Clinton Cry

So Hillary Clinton got a little misty-eyed in New Hampshire yesterday when a woman asked her about her hair. In her defense, Hillary didn’t tear up about her hair, but when answering about how hard the campaigning process is. Everyone’s freaking out about it, but, c’mon, people?Hillary’s human! Topless Robot did the research and discovered 10 other things that make the presidential hopeful cry.

1) Dead puppies
2) Mace in the eyes
3) Felicity marathons
4) Campaign manager who tells her pretending to spontaneously express emotion and vulnerability in public could humanize her, broadening her appeal to women voters
5) Dead babies
6) Cutting onions
7) The end of Maid in Manhattan
8) When Bill makes a Dutch Oven in bed after eating seafood
9) Seeing a small child dropping her ice cream cone on the ground
10) Losing