2008 Toy of the Year: Mohinder!

mohinder%21.pngBreaking! Mezco Toys has released images of the first wave of Heroes action figures, including Claire, Peter Petrelli, Hiro and Sylar, but kids around the country are scrambling to get what will be the hottest toy of the season, Mohinder! “Are you kidding?” said 8-year-old Steven Totson. “It’s Mohinder, man! You can have him talk about his dad, you can let him get beat up by…well, everyone, really…and if you’re a girl, you can make him take care of that Molly kid, if you have a baby doll. I don’t, though, ‘cuz I’m a boy.” Mohinder will come action-packed accessories, like his dad’s book and his trademark man-purse. Sales of the most recent Tickle Me Elmo have dropped off sharply as a result of the Mohinder action figure’s impending release.

Pics of all the figures after the jump. (Via Action-Figure)

Sorry, I was so entranced by the existence of a Mohinder action figure, I forgot to mention these bad boys are 7-inches tall. Also, if you buy Peter and Claire, you can have them make out, emulating their real life relationship and exceptionally disturbing 12-year age difference. Bonus!