Ender’s Game Game

000dp0wf.gifSci-fi author Orson Scott Card helped make Advent Rising, an Xbox 360 action-RPG which failed spectacularly. Now he’s going to help make a video game of his beloved Ender’s Game novel, which features a child genius unwittingly commit alien genocide through a series of supposedly virtual war games.

Nerds are freaking out, but I say to thee “settle the fuck down.” Basically, in the book, Ender played a virtual war game much like a gun-based, no-gravity American Gladiators scenario, which is fine, but hardly a mind-blowing video game experience (the gamemakers’ say they’ll be using the Unreal Tournament III engine for the game). All the thing that make the book great are characterization and the twist at the end, which will have to be in cut-scenes. Also, it’s likely there will be a problem with all the players in the game shooting each being young, nubile boys. Also, Speaker of the Dead was better.

Also, look for the Ender’s Game movie, which will be out in April of never.