Steve Jobs Pressures MacBook About Body Image, MacBook Gets Bulimia

3d_Apple_Logo_102.jpgSteve Jobs just got done giving the keynote speech at MacWorld, where he unveiled four Mac-tastic items of news:

1) The new MacBook is thin. Like really thin. It’s called MacBook Air, weighs 3 pounds and is 3/4 of an inch tall. It fits inside an envelope. It has no optical drive, but it reads the optical drives of your other nearby computers (PCs or Macs) so you can download discs from that.

2) Time Capsule will be a hard drive that backs up Macs wirelessly. It has four ethernet ports. It’s $300 for 500G, and $500 for a terabyte.

3) Just about everything on the iPhone is improved, including maps, weather, turning web clips into wallpapers, and a de facto GPS. Also, the iPod Touches will get almost all the iPhone features except the phone part.

4) Apple TV is coming back with iTunes movie rentals, $3.99 for regular new releases and $4.99 for HD (with 5.1 surround sound). All the studios are on board, says Jobs. If you have the Apple TV, it’ll be a free upgrade.

(Via Wired)