The Sierra Club Has Gone Too Goddamn Far

catgamer.jpgI thought the Sierra Club was supposed to protect trees and nature and shit like that. So what the fuck is this?

The Sierra Club — a group dedicated to environmentalism and preservation — has proposed that a tax be levied against kids who choose video games or computers rather than venturing out-of-doors. The tax, also being referred to as “No Child Left Inside,” would ostensibly encourage kids to get up off of their fat, lazy back-ends and hit the trails, mountains, and waterways of our nation’s parks and other natural treasures… by further taxing video games and TVs.

Sierra Club, I just went outside and killed a tree. And a squirrel, too. Is that what you want? Because if I can’t afford my video games because your stupid-ass tax plan takes effect, I’ll have plenty of goddamn time to slowly murder all the plant and animal life in my backyard. I highly suggest you back the fuck off. (Via Engadget)