Video Game News Potpourri: Rock Band, Street Fighter IV, Sam & Max

? Destructoid saw?for the brief second it existed?a listing for the Rock Band Stage Kit, an “Interactive Light and Smoke stage Show” for the Xbox 360 version of the popular (but trouble-making) game. One hopes a Underage Groupie and Heroin Addiction Stage Kit aren’t far behind.

? The Japanese Street Fighter IV website is live, containing the same batch of screenshots that have been a round, a character gallery which only has Ryu, Ken and the new executive-class prostitute Viper, and most most importantly, a new (I believe) artsy-fartsy trailer.

? Kotaku and a bunch of other sites are reporting that the recent PC-point-and-click adventure game Sam & Max might come to the Wii. The Wii does a mighty fine job with point-and-clickers as Zack & Wiki proved, making it a natural fit. If you own a Wii and aren’t insanely excited by this news, I command you to hit the jump and watch the video.