You Got Star Wars in my Soul Calibur!

If you’re like me, you often lay awake nights, imagining Darth Vader fighting large-breasted ninjas.

No? Really? Anyways, has the news that Darth Vader and Yoda will be in Namco Bandai’s Soul Calibur IV hit fighting game; Vader will be in the PlayStation 3 version of the game, while Yoda is exclusive to the Xbox 360 version. Given that the Soul Calibur series is set in like 1600, and features a samurai, knights and a blind, knife-wielding Italian leather enthusiast, this makes absolutely no goddamn sense, and surely will be terrible and goofy (like when Spawn was in the Xbox Soul Calibur II). Unfortunately, as a Star Wars fan and a Soul Calibur fan, I am filled with glee, and thus will be emotionally crushed when the game comes out and sucks. Pic o’ Yoda fighting a smaller-breasted Greek swordwoman after the jump.