B-List Celebrity Nerd Movie Explosion-a-palooza

What a week for minor movie stars and movie based on nerdy loves like comic books and video games! While I was at Toy Fair, a plethora of minor celebs were cast in small, B- and C-list roles in both the upcoming Wolverine and Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li movies. Here’s the quick rundown:

? Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, the ugly but wise-cracking mutant assassin
? Friday Night Lights‘ Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, ze card-throweeng mutant wid de outraygeous Creole accent
? as John Wraith, a mutant I’ve never heard of but who could disappear until he was killed by Sabretooth

? American Pie‘s Chris Klein as Nash, the Japanese name for Guile’s missing buddy Charlie, who only appeared in Street Fighter Alpha
? Michael Clarke Duncan as the Mike Tyson-inspired evil boxer Balrog
? The Fast and the Furious‘ Rick Yun as elderly martial artist and Chun Li trainer Gen
? Journeyman‘s Moon Bloodgood as somebody, possibly Cammy

Wow! Don’t these casts just scream “Hollywood blockbuster”? No? Hmm. Well, do they scream “Limited budget”? Yes, I suppose they do.
(Via Kotaku and Newsarama)