Christopher Lee is a Star Wars Sex Magnet

My friends have long known about my adoration and not-quite-carnal affection with Christopher Lee, one of the finest character actors and the great performer of villains in all of cinema. Despite the Star Wars prequels being soul-crushing, I can never truly hate them because of Lee as Dooku; he was a bad-ass villain and Jedi. And now, thanks to this statue from Gentle Giant, I now know he’s a bad-ass playa, too.
His Sith arm-candy is Asajj Ventress, his apprentice who showed up in the old Clone Wars cartoon who got her ass handed to her by Anakin, and will likely get more of the same in the new Clone Wars CG cartoon. It should be noted that Dooku is most definitely “tappin’ that ass,” as the padawans like to say. My birthday’s coming up, so if I get this, I’ll know my friends are good and loving people. If not, I’ll be sure to let you all know how much they suck.