Another Look at the Spider-Man Movie’s Lizard Through Goofy-Ass Toys


?Topless Roboteer Kiekan just alerted me to the Idle Hands blog, which has another/”better” look at the Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man, thanks to more of the movie’s silliest merchandise. I put the pics after the jump, in case you consider it a spoiler. I put a picture of Godzooky up top because Idle Hands made the connection and because I’m kind of an asshole.

lizard on lizardmobile.jpg

?And there we go, as prophesied by the Pez dispenser from a few weeks ago. I’m still not a fan, but I will totally forgive the design if the Lizard actually drives that ATV in the movie. Check out Idle Hands for a lot more fun Amazing Spider-Man movie merchandise, including Spidey’s companion ATV.