Rhino Is A Villain in Amazing Spider-Man 2, and He’s Not Typecast

Who would you expect to play the Rhino in a Spider-Man movie? He’s a big, dumb indestructible dude, so I might have guessed that the wrestler actually named Rhino could be a decent fit.

The Wrestling Wrap-Up

But that guess would be way wrong. Because according to the Hollywood Reporter, when Marc Webb thinks big, dumb and indestructible, he thinks of this guy…


That’s right. Paul Giamatti.

Given that the storyline of these movies so far has centered on mixing human and animal DNA, it would seem likely that the Rhino might be an actual mutant in this one, with Giamatti doing mo-cap on a CG body. Certainly we can hope it’s not a Topher Grace-as-Venom physical mismatch.

There have been some oddball comic castings in the past, but this is way up there. Paul doesn’t disappoint as an actor, but damn, it feels weird. Apparently he’s been wanting this particular role for a while, though.