New CG Clone Wars Cartoon to Suck in Several Formats

You cannot convince me that the new Clone Wars cartoon coming from Lucasfilm later this year is going to be any good. First of all, the character designs are terrible, and combined with the CG, make the show like like Reboot. Second, there was already a good Clone Wars cartoon, the one George Lucas had nothing to do with, directed by Genndy Tartakovsky prior to Episode III?the chances of this version being any good without Tartakovsky’s involvement is nil. Third, Lucas is involved, and he hasn’t made anything good since 1981 or so.

That said, Variety reports this inferior Clone Wars cartoon will have a theatrical release in August before in airs on Cartoon Network, where it will run before it airs on…TNT? Really? The “Drama” Network? Admittedly, I’m pretty sure TNT had Legally Blonde on last weekend (“Catch the drama Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blondenext!”), but still…a Star Wars cartoon? Do you guys even have a mission statement over there?