New York Toy Fair: DC Superheroes and Barbie Superhotties

Let’s get this Mattel DC Comics toys news out the way quickly: first, the company will release a large assortment of 3 3/4-inch DC figures, in scale with G.I. Joe. Here’s some of ’em.

The only new DC Universe figures shown were Wonder Woman and Cyborg. They look nice, and I imagine Wonder Woman is a lot more effective with an axe than a lasso..

Now here’s the real story. You might recall that Mattel has been making Barbie as DC superheroines pretty recently, including Batgirl , Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and a few more. The company revealed two more: Black Canary and Supergirl. And they are sexy as hell.
It’s not just me, right? I mean, you all are aroused as well, right? It’s been a long time since I stripped down a Barbie doll and placed it inappropriately on another doll (at least three or four years) but it looks like I’ve going to have to free up some of my schedule. Still, stripping Black Canary should be easy since that zipper goes all the way down.