New York Toy Fair: Send in the Clones (and their Toys)

Those Clone Wars toys that Hasbro wouldn’t let the press take pics of at the U.K. Toy Fair a few weeks ago? They gave pics of ’em out here. The toys have the same CG look as the cartoon, which is weird because Hasbro immediately dropped the previous animated-style Clone Wars figures to make realistic versions of the same outfits/characters to reasonable success. Anyways, here’s Anakin.
Clearly, the CG cartoon will focus on some portion of the Clone Wars where Anakin, Jedi Knight, Chosen One, Killer of Children and all-around badass will forgo his lightsaber for a bazooka. I wholeheartedly approve, although I’m curious how this fits into the Force. But Anakin is hardly the only; even the basic Clonetroopers have bazookas:
And Yoda apparently has one up his sleeve.
Because it can’t be Force Lightning, because that’s a Dark Side Power! Right?! RIGHT?! RIDDLE ME THAT, HASBRO!!!