Super Mario Boozers

You might suspect the students of the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, of being nerds. You’d be immensely correct. But did you also know they were awesome? Check out this Mario-themed booze party they threw themselves on February 15:

We pooled our vast knowledge of mixing and alcohols (this is Denmark, after all) to craft ten unique Mario-theme drinks. They not only look like their corresponding characters, but they taste like them too! Okay, well, not actually like the characters themselves (we’re not cannibals), but rather the qualities they imbue (e.g. sweet, harsh, frutiy, etc.).

The most popular cocktail was the Yoshi. But all our recipes were very well-received. We encourage you to give them a try – but please credit us if you do!

Click here for all 10 cocktail recipes (geektails?); none of them have whiskey, which I disapprove of, and many of them involve milk, which I strongly disapprove of. But I give them five Sola Stars for any effort combining nerdery and booze, which I do highly approve of.