The Healing Power of Wii

Wii_Sports_02.jpg(Does that title sound dirty to you? I just can’t even tell any more). Here’s a news item you won’t see on Fox News?the AP reports that many doctors are turning to the Nintendo Wii to help physical rehabilitation of patients suffering from strokes, combat injuries and more. Exercise both sucks and is immensely boring in general, and when you have to concentrate on a singular repetitive movement to get your arm moving properly again, the tedium is incredibly awful. Happily, the Wii and its games give patients a reason to move and a goal, which makes the whole process more enjoyable. You can read the full report by Lindsey Tanner on Wired, although be warned, as the story does include the word “wiihabilitation.”

Hey, Fox News?if you want an angle for this story, I hear that what the patients are playing is virtual fucking, using the phallic Wii remote in incredibly obscene ways. Don’t forget to credit me!