Vanity Fair Has Lost Its Goddamned Mind

star%20wars%20the%20force%20unleashed.jpgI can accept that the hoighty-toighty Vanity Fair magazine will occasionally do nerdy movie covers, a la the Star Wars prequels, or Indiana Jones, as a way to broaden their hoighty-toighty appeal. But I am not ready to live in a world where Vanity Fair has:

? An extensive interview on a video game (i.e., the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)
? Several screenshots of said video game
? An exclusive video of said video game

Are they going to start including ProTips in there next to the Chanel ads? Christ. Thank god the article is one of those “Video games are very popular! And kind of like movies nowadays!”-types that are shocked to discover the industry has evolved since Space Invaders, otherwise I’d be really upset.