Djimon Hounsou Thinks He’s Being Tricky

djimon-hounsou-2.jpgDjimon Hounsou is a fine, well-recognized actor. He is also African, and speaks which a very pronounced African accent. He recently told IESB that he’s going to play a comic book superhero, but won’t reveal which one. Let’s try and guess, shall we? Is it:

A) Luke Cage, the Brooklyn ghetto-born hero known as Power Man?
B) John Stewart, the U.S.-born black Green Lantern who replaces the white Green Lantern whenever the Justice League needs more diversity?
C) The Black Panther, who’s an African king who speaks with a heavy African accent and whose movie has been recently mentioned in Variety as being helmed by John Singleton?

I know my guess, but I’ll leave it for you to figure out. Incidentally, if I’m going to watch a movie called Black Panther, it should be full of evil white guys getting beat up, Shaft-style. I’m just sayin’.