Hot Toys Reveals Supes and Batfleck, Plus 12-Inch Scale Batfleck-Mobile Nobody Will Buy



If you save up $500 or more to buy a movie-quality Batmobile for 12″ figures, you are definitely a nerd. But if the Batmobile you do that for is Ben Affleck’s version, you are a Bad Nerd.

(Hot Toys are also a Bad Nerd company for not having produced the Adam West Batmobile that they’ve shown off yet, but I’ll give them some benefit of the doubt and assume George Barris’ death complicated things.)

Seriously: West’s is the classic. Keaton’s is cool. Kilmer’s has a weird kitsch factor, and the Tumbler has been in the most movies. But Affleck’s?

Maybe mildly cooler than Clooney’s dorky convertible. MAYBE.