DVD Day: March 11th, 2008 (It’s Glazed McGuffin Day!)

51qqp4dOMML._SS500_.jpg? Sam & Max: Freelance Police
FUCK and YES. I’ve been waiting years for this gem of a cartoon to hit DVD, and it’s finally here, complete with terrifying puppet shows and explorations of the pancreas! In fact, as soon as I’m done writing this post, I’m heading to Best Buy.

? Stargate: The Ark of Truth
This direct-to-DVD Stargate movie appears to be the top-selling DVD of the day’s releases, which is mildly terrifying to me, since…

? No Country For Old Men
…is also coming out today. I’m honestly not prepared to live in a world where there are more Stargate fans than people who want to buy the Academy Award-winner for Best Picture.

? Tin Man

This Sci-Fi Channel sci-fi miniseries aired to so-so acclaim, but it does star Richard Dreyfuss, so I refuse to watch it.

? Hitman
Timothy Olyphant shaved his head for this?!

? Appleseed: Ex Machina

The sequel to the CG anime movie from 2004, which I’m ashamed to say I kind of liked in a classically overwrought, old-school kind of way. And in some John Woo-style shoot-outs and I’m sold American.

? Wrestlemaniac
It’s your basic slasher flick, except the killer wears a Mexican wrestling mask and is played by Rey Mysterio. It’s no MEGA SNAKE, but I’m still highly pleased with the idea and the title.

Also, Lil Bush Season 1 comes out today; if you are thinking about buying it, please begin hitting yourself and never stop.