Fan Fiction Friday: Claire and Peter of Heroes in “Respite and Release”

event_1319020.jpegFun fact: Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Heroes‘ Peter Petrelli, is 30 and Hayden Pantierre, who plays the cheerlader Claire, is only 18. So their real-life relationship (and yes, they do have one) is pretty creepy already. But author quirkslayer has taken it to a new level by having their Heroes characters, who are uncle and niece, um…well, fuck each other, as Claire seduces Peter and her uncle is powerless to resist. Other than the superheroic incest, there’s not much insanity in the story, which is good because I’m still recovering from last week; it starts with Claire tying up Peter, who could easily break free if, you know, he didn’t want to fuck his niece.

I?m sorry, Peter,? she said almost apologetically. He felt his body tense and then relax as her cold hands traced a line down his naked chest to his lean hips. ?After what happened to me, I can?t let you go again. Everything falls apart in my life when you?re gone.?

His voice came out broken, unnerved. ?Nieces don?t do this with their uncles.?

Too true. Of course, it’d be a much shorter story if he didn’t fuck her, so let’s jump ahead.

?Damn,? he thought, ?where did a teenager learned to fuck like this??

Those kids today, with their long hair, fax machines, rock and roll, and superior sex techniques! As with all superhero battles, the tide turns, but after the jump, as it gets a little saucy…

?Fine,? he matched her tone. He watched her glowing face pale as he gave her a look. Desire swelled within him, rising like an intense black heat on every ending of his nerves. ?I?ll do it myself.?

The bed shook, and the restraints snapped free by his power. Peter glared at her, and Claire screeched as he had hurled her onto her back. ?Omph!? she called out, barely catching her equilibrium before Peter had picked up and parted her legs, impaling himself inside of her.

I have to admit, I’m kind of delighted by the “omph!” I’m going to try and work it in conversations. Eventually, the battle finishes.

?So if anyone ever catches us, just blame it on me,? she said, and she moved to meet his eyes. ?I?m young? and I don?t know what I?m doing. That way, you?ll always be innocent and pure.?

Peter was silent at first, studying her expression. Finally, he took her face in his hands and gave her a stern look. ?Claire, I?d never do that to you. We?re in this together, and nothing is going to change it. No one?s going to blame anyone.?

Actually, Petey boy, I think a lot of people are going to blame the 30-year-old uncle. But that’s just my opinion. As always, you can read the full story here, and remember, heroes don’t have sex with people in their immediate or extended families. Generally.