Fan Fiction Friday: Obi-Wan and Mace Windu in “A Rain of Tears”

Mace%20windu.jpgI know I promised you a Jack Sparrow/Will Turner pair-up this week, but sometimes, art just speaks to me. Such was the case with the Star Wars-inspired “A Rain of Tears,” by author Harvie. It starts innocently enough…

Dully, Obi-Wan pressed the pad to open the door to the practice rooms. … Two Jedi, a male and a female, fought each other strongly, muscles trembling with the force of the blows. … What first struck the young man dumb was the fact that the two were sparring in the nude.

Okay. That wasn’t innocent at all. Especially when you read the lengthy description of Mace Windu’s ‘lil lightsaber, which I’m sparing you.

?Leaving so soon,? Mace Windu?s voice breathed wetly into his left ear, and a shiver went down the younger man?s body.

?We?ve been waiting for you, Obi,? Janna?s voice came from his other side, even as she appeared in his line of vision, braintails twitching with restrained desire. Mace chuckled in Obi-Wan?s ear, the sound deep and rich.

?She does look luscious, doesn?t she, Obi-Wan,? the elder male Jedi?s voice was indecently provocative, sending a chill down Kenobi?s spine. ?She desires you, Obi, and she is not the only one.? A long, thick erection was pressed into Obi-Wan?s back to prove the point.

Basically, the two Jedi immediately go to town on Obi-wan. The seduction continues for a while, but I’m going to skip past the part where MACE WINDU TICKLES ONI-WAN’S ANUS and where the trouble starts (you’d think that having a grown man stick his fingers in your ass would be trouble enough, but no, in fact there’s more).

?Yessss?? Obi-Wan hissed out, striving to bring his breathing under control. ?Been?long time?not since?Qui-Gon?? He whimpered in protest when both his lovers ceased their ministrations.

?You?and Qui-Gon?? Mace?s face was unreadable, causing the younger man to shrink away in apprehension. ?Stop moving, Obi-Wan, I am not angry, only?surprised. Shocked, even. I had no idea that you and Qui-Gon were lovers.? Jana nodded in agreement, her own surprise apparent.

Obi-Wan turned his face away from their curiosity. ?We weren?t lovers. It was?only once.? Jana and Mace exchanged glances, then moved embrace him tighter. … ?Not much to tell,? he muttered against Mace?s shoulder. ?I?was curious as to how males copulated together, and expressed my interest to Master Qui-Gon. He?asked if I was sexually interested in males, and then offered to teach me.?

?And what did you answer,? the elder Jedi asked softly, his eyes looking somberly down at the ginger hair.

The younger Jedi shrugged again. ?I?told him that I had been?dreaming?about lying with males?He was very understanding. When?when he offered, I couldn?t?I couldn?t help but say yes. I?needed it. I needed it,? Obi repeated softly, the words almost lost against Mace?s shoulder.

Oh no! So will the hardcore sex in the next chapter be one of punishment, or of therapy for poor Obi-Wan? I’m not telling! And how depraved would it be if Yoda got involved in on this thing? Very! Well, you’ll just have to read the thing yourself. But here’s one final preview!

Feeling somewhat forgotten, he tugged gently on the hanging testicles.