It’s Batman Vs. Spider-man This Saturday Morning

I was going to post pics of the new Spectacular Spider-man cartoon debuting tomorrow morning on Kids WB, but then I realized all the pictures just look like Spider-man and I didn’t care. However, the finale of The Batman cartoon is also tomorrow (you know, the one that’s not nearly as good as all of the Bruce Timm Batman cartoons), and it’s kind of interesting in that the Justice League shows up.
Apparently, some alien steals the powers of Superman, Green Lantern, Hawkman, the Flash and Martian Manhunter (Wonder Woman is absent) and puts ’em in robots so it’s up to the non-superpowered Batman and Green Arrow to save their asses. The cartoon is a n hour-long, so it’s as spectacular as you’re going to get on Saturday morning (no offense, Spidey). A few more pics after the jump. (Via ScifiCool)