Let the Scavenging of Geneon’s Corpse Begin!

ANN says that Media Blasters has licensed the anime series Seirei no Moribito, a TV series notable mostly for 1) being done by Production I.G., and 2) for being licensed by Geneon Entertainment USA before the company collapsed like a souffl? last year. This is the first of Geneon’s licenses to be “saved” by another company, and probably not the last. I’m guessing most anime fans will expect the floodgates to be opened and Hellsing Ultimate, Black Lagoon and the rest to be licensed shortly; while that may be the case, I kind of doubt it. Maybe since Geneon helped produce Moribito, they could more easily free it from the licensing hell that surrounds the defunct-in-all-but-name company, but who knows? I guess we’ll see over the next few months.