Life Mirrors Comics as Secret Invader Secretly Invades Marvel

Skrulllllllls.jpgGoodness gracious! If you were drunk like myself on Friday night, you might have missed the most interesting story in comics?and I’m certainly not talking about Spider-man or Batman. Some brave/foolish soul calling himself “marvel-b0y,” who calimed to be an intern working at Marvel, posted a livejournal complete with a few spoilers about the upcoming Secret Invasion mega-story and Captain America. The spoilers themselves are actually incredibly lame (and they’re after the jump), but man, have comics fans freaked out wondering if “marvel-b0y” is real or not, or some crappy viral marketing stunt. The “b0y” also railed against Marvel in general and some writers in particular (*cough* Bendis *cough*), then Marvel sent him a cease-and-desist letter (on adorable Marvel stationary!) and both Bendis and Matt Fraccion railed against him. Finally, “marvel-b0y” deleted his livejournal, but not before mocking those at Marvel for not being able to figure out who he was/is.

Although the spoilers are totally worthless, and thus would imply that is is a controlled leak by Marvel to drum up interest in Secret Invasion, I personally kind of doubt it. Like D.C., Marvel hates when anyone in its industry criticizes them, and demand that its workers toe the company line at all times. Frankly, “marvel-b0y” was too critical of some of Marvel’s shenanigans to be authorized, in my opinion. Anyways, the (crap) spoilers after the jump.

Exceedingly lame spoilers:
? Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ baby is Skrull
? Dum Dum Dugan is a Skrull
? The Flacon’s gonna die and it’s gonna be Bucky’s fault