Marvel’s Secret Invasion is Shockingly Well-Publicized

So Marvel has made the above trailer for Secret Invasion, and it makes my skin crawl. Not because I’m particularly worried about Skrulls taking over the planet, but…well, just watch it. I just have so many questions:

? Why the big Iron Man had in the beginning? Is this taking place in Iron Man view screen or something? If so, where’d he get the recordings of all the Skrull voices?
? Why show have the first shot of the Skrulls be the extremely goofy pics from the ’60s? They couldn’t look less menacing.
? Aren’t all those “infilitrated” locations technically in the U.S.A.? Aren’t they being a little redundant?
? Are Marvel fans not pissed off that Black Bolt, one of the most powerful guys in the Marvel Universe, was able to be taken over by the Skrulls, but that the aliens couldn’t handle Echo?

At any rate, it’s still loads better than Next Avengers. And on a completely unrelated note, how fucking awesome is this picture of Stan Lee?