More Toys of Psychotic Killers for Pre-Schoolers

I’m not a big fan of the sculpts of Hasbro’s toddler Marvel line Superhero Squad, but I’m incredibly happy with its character selection. Did you know that you can buy toys of:

? A merciless killer? (The Punisher)
? A guy who got his powers from Satan? (Ghost Rider)
? A woman who committed intergalactic genocide? (Phoenix)
? A man who beat his wife and then sprayed her with Raid? (Ultimate Giant Man)

Now remember, all of these are for kids aged 3-6. Impressive, right? Well, Hasbro’s not done yet. Check out this Winter Soldier Saga collection revealed by Marvelous News:
Awesomeness. First off, Cap is still dead, so that’s a little weird. Second, the Winter Soldier has mostly been a merciless assassin for communist Russia for the last couple of decades, after being captured and brainwashed Manchurian Candidate-style. And lastly, Crossbones is apparently a skull-wearing killer (if the adorable automatic weapon in his hand didn’t give it away), which makes about the only difference between him and the Punisher is that he also sexually assaults women. Now this is some guaranteed rainy day fun!