Skeletons, Key: NECA’s Predator Trophy Case

predator trophy case.jpg

If you’re like me, you probably have a shelf and/or entire room full of tiny accessories from various figures that they can’t hold because they’re already fully laden, or because they seem somewhat irrelevant to the figure they come with. Eventually, in a huff, you may throw them away. But sometimes you shouldn’t. Like, you know all those skulls that come with every NECA Predator figure? They’re getting their own trophy room. NECA tweeted out the above teaser over the holidays to show that, yes, Predator figures are geeks with collections too. And talk about rare, hard-to-find pieces – at least you never had to dig a McFarlane Toys Malebolgia out of somebody’s carcass.

If you haven’t been collecting every Predator but want this, you have my sympathies trying to build up a back-ordered collection which includes exclusives.

And that’s not all NECA revealed for Christmas…


Here’s a prototype of Atlas from Portal 2. And here’s hoping it’s not as fragile is it potentially looks.

Both images via NECA’s Twitter.