Obama May or May Not Be Seeking Utterly Inconsequential “Nerd Vote”

So a guy who runs a blog knows a guy who knows a guy who heard that presidential candidate Barack Obama might be coming to this year’s San Diego Comic Con. The Comic Con itself denies that Obama has contacted them in any way, so it’s probably all a bunch of hooey.

I’m reporting on this non-news because I think it would be cool if a presidential candidate recognized the nerd populace and tried to win its votes. I also think it would be a huge waste of time, since generally nerds don’t vote, but play videogames, paint Gundam models, and file comics in bags with boards in them instead of participating in the democratic process.

Newsarama has the above pic of Obama, which I’m 99% certain was taken in Metropolis, Illinois, which bills itself as the home of Superman. This is despite the fact that Superman was raised in Smallville, that Metropolis, Illinois, has no buildings taller than two stories and thus is hardly representative of the skyscaper-laden Metropolis of the comics, and that it’s main superman attraction is the pictured 7-foot-tall Superman statue pictured with Obama.

On a side note, I was reminded earlier today that, while drunk out of my mind, I peed on a stranger’s car in Metropolis, and vomited all over a hotel room. Small world!