Reminder! Your TR SDCC Schedule and Meet-Up Info


If all is going well, I’m currently winging my way to sunny San Diego to try and steal a goddamn limited edition Masters of the Universe artbook from Mattel cover the Comic Con for you folks. I just wanted to remind you guys how the coverage will work for the next few days.

? Today — No other posts, unless I see something crazy.
? Thursday the 23rd — Posting as much nerdiness as possible. Not sure when or how much.
? Friday the 24th — Posting.
? Saturday the 25th — Posting, but no Daily List.
? Sunday the 26th — Flying back to TR HQ. Wrap-up of the big SDCC news late in the evening.
? Monday the 27th — Gone fishin’ / in detox.
? Tuesday the 28th — Back in action.

Even more importantly, the Topless Roboteer meet-up will be Friday night at 10pm PST, at a pub called The Field (a few blocks from the con, visit the site for the address). I hope to see you there and I hope you’re buying. Con coverage is thirsty work! I’ll be giving out free TR shirts to the first couple dozen people who show up as well as stickers. If you’re at SDCC but can’t make it to the meet-up, I’ll be passing out any leftover shirts and about a bajillion stickers while wandering around the con on Saturday.


Also I want to give a shout-out to my buddy Justin Alcin, editor of the always superb ToyFare magazine and creator/writer of Hero House, a new graphic novel he’s debuting at SDCC. I highly recommend you stop by the Arcana booth (#2415) to pick it up — I’ve read it, and it’s mi-T-fine — especially on Sunday, 12-2pm, when Justin and artist Mike Dimayuga will be signing. You can find out more about Hero House here.
Oh yeah! And if you’re missing you’re daily dose of Bricken-y goodness today — and god help you if you are — I’ve been meaning to tell you that Eugene Ahn interviewed me awhile ago for his People You Don’t Know podcast, which you can listen to here. It was recorded right before I saw Transformers 2 and I talk really fastm, so I sound like a raving meth addict. However, eugene also interviews the magical Chris Sims of the even more magical Incredible Super Blog, so it’s not a total waste.

And that, I believe, is that. I’m genuinely looking forward to meeting some of you folks in person on Friday night. Hopefully, if all goes well and I’m not arrested, I’ll be doing more of these things in the future. And I hope you guys enjoy the SDCC coverage, because if no one reads it, I’ll be spending next year’s con sobbing in bed.