Comic Movie News Four-fecta: Iron Man, Speed Racer, Dark Knight, Justice League

? Why, it’s yet another awesome Iron Man clip, this one from Nickelodeon. Seriously, is there a bad scene in this flick at all? (Via FilmDrunk)

? There’s a new, longer Speed Racer trailer at the seizure-inducing Speed Racer website, which I can’t embed. Seriously, don’t try to watch it if you’ve got epilepsy, because it will freak your shit out.

? There’s a scene in the upcoming Dark Knight movie where Heath Ledger appears in a Batman costume in a body bag. People thought it was going to get cut, as it’s creepy, but it’s not. This is apparently news. (Via Comic Book Movie)

? The doomed Justice League movie still can’t find a place to film. With Australia not playing nice with the tax breaks, now the production might move to New Zealand, Canada or even New York City. (Via Action-Figure)

? BONUS: This isn’t comic movie-related, but since nerds have a certain interest in Megan Fox after she starred in the Transformers movie, you’ll probably want to know that she’ll be topless in her next film, Jennifer’s Body. I predict $113 million opening box office, easy. (Via First Showing and the love of God)