Rumors of Devastator in Transformers 2 Is Devastating

And on down the ladder. The new rumor about the second Transformers movie (which doesn’t start filming until July, by the way) is that the Constructicons will make an appearance, meaning a combining robot and my personal favorite Transformer of all, Devastator! Why isn’t this good news, you ask? Well, because I can absolutely guarantee the Devastator that shows up in Transformers 2 won’t look like this:
Awesome, right? That’s a bit of fan art from Rise Studios (as seen on, which portrays exactly what Devastator should look like in a Transformers movie. But that’s not at all what he’ll look like. Director Michael Bay’s redesigns of the Transformers took out all the vehicle-ness out of the Transformers. Think about it?with the exception of Optimus Prime’s windshield on his chest, none of the Transformers in their robot modes looked at all like their vehicle modes, meaning they looked like totally non-descript robots. Hell, other than the blue and red Optimus, I couldn’t tell any of the rest apart (there were two yellow ones, and four grays ones….and then that little one that kept mugging for the camera). I guess I didn’t realize how important the vehicle signifiers were in the Transformers robot modes until I saw Bay’s movie, and I couldn’t have articulated that before hand, so I guess I can’t blame the legendarily oblivious Bay for not thinking about it either. Still, if Devastator shows up in Transformers 2, he won’t look like Devastator?he’ll look like a bigger version of all the other Transformers.

There’s still worse to come! Stay tuned!