Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Funawari Milk-Chan

Please don’t confuse this with the surreal and hyper-annoying anime Super Milk-chan. Funawari Milk-chan is a series of plush character who, as you might have noticed, are all breasts. They have nipples at the top of their heads. They’re soft and adorable, just like regular breasts. As Japan Sugoi says, each breast has its own distinct personality:

Funwari Milk-chan is easygoing, Milk-san is a celebrity entertainer, Ganguro Milk-chan is a gyaru, Peach Milk-chan is a fashion follower and Milko-chan is baby genius.

Let me repeat that, in case you missed. JAPAN HAS MADE A PLUSH BREAST THAT IS ALSO A CELEBRITY ENTERTAINER. Each plush breast costs about $10, and you can see their site here. If I was a chick, I’d definitely buy one of these, then hit Mardi Gras or those sleazy clubs where guys scream “Show me your tits!” Then I’d whip one of these bad boys out. In related news, I’d be a very odd girl.