The Most Sacreligious Thing You’ll See All Day

Oh man. Little did I know when I woke up this morning that yet another example of Japan’s ability to take any subject matter, and represent it with large-breasts girls. May I introduce to the new manga series Let’s Bible?
See the blonde girl on the left? Yeah, that’s Jesus. He’s back…as a she. The boy on the right is a fisherman who desperately wants to have sex with her (and manages to cop a feel at one point). If you read the scanlation of the manga here, you can also meet some kind of demonic Mexican and another hot girl, wearing a goth outfit, who might be Judas. Did I mention the boy wants to have sex with Jesus?

The whole thing has blown my mind. Seriously, making fun of Wilford Brimley’s “diabeetus” doesn’t seem nearly so damning. (Via Newsarama’s Blog)