Topless Robot Self-Pleasure Trifecta

Regular TR readers know that I’m not above tooting the site’s horn whenever I get a chance to do so. Plus, this knocks that horrible Star Wars fan fiction from the top of the page, so it’s win-win.

? The National Post, which sounds like it should be one of those big important papers like the Washington Post or National Review but is in fact Canadian, tells its reader to click on TR. We/me/it “delivers some playful but worthwhile observations, particularly about toys, comics and gadgets.” “Playful but worthwhile” is also how my last girlfriend described me, until the incident.

? The Blog Judge has judged Topless Robotnot guilty“! Despite having no discernible focus (I’m trying for nerdy shit, incidentally) and finding our design looking, the site says we have great content. Yay! See, mom? People don’t mind when I use cusswords!

? And last but not least, last Friday’s “A 20-Point Letter of Protest Regarding D&D 4th Edition” was Farked, and I’m not really trying to get you to be impressed about that. I do, however, desperately want you to read the comments on the article over at Fark, which are mysterious and awesome. Mostly it’s a huge nerd fight over the best edition of D&D, with a large portion of people desperate to see the hlaf-naked succubus writer Teague Bohlen mentions in the article, along with a few people chastising Teague for hating on 4th Edition with his letter…as if he believed himself to be both a half-orc and gnome and wrote the damn thing seriously. I love them all, and hope they become regulars. They are my people.